Swim Squads for Adults - 2003092980
designed for open water swimmers who are in preparation for ocean swims in Australia and other open water challenges around the world. The current Open water swimmers in our swim squad have been successful in doing the English Channel, Manhattan swim, Gibraltar Channel, Rottnest Channel, and also other short ocean swims. If you are looking to improve your swimming endurance, speed and be part of a great swim squad team in the pool, this is what you are looking for.
Swim 4 Goals - 1615411982
the program is design for open water swimmers who have decided to swim in any open water swim in the world. Swim 4 Goals covers specific pool and ocean swims planning for the swimmer and includes the coach’s guidance and support during swimmers preparation. The plan is design by an experienced open water swim coach who is helping you as an open water swimmer to stay on track for the duration of the preparation. If you don’t know how to get to your ocean swim goal - this is the program for you.
Ocean Swims - 2023848464
open water swimming events or Australian ocean swims events are one of the most popular leisure sports. With our ocean swim session you are exploring different ocean swim locations, you have the chance to achieve the longest swim you have done and you are becoming part of the great open water community. If you want to swim on every Saturday morning in a natural environment with a great team spirit - this is program for you.


Ocean swim 5km , 10km Challenge
5 months 1 week ago
In December we ran our 4th 5km and 10km Swim Event from Chinaman’s beach. This year a record number of swimmers attended with over 150 people taking part. The feedback about the swim...
Harbour swim on Australia day
5 months 1 week ago
Harbour swim on Australia day 26th January 2016 On 26th of January Australia day, we are having a break from our program. The pool sessions are cancelled, but everyone is welcome to joins us for...
6 months 2 weeks ago
From 21st December to 3rd of January we will be taking a break for Christmas and New Year. Except for ABC morning squads which will run on Mon 21st, Tue 22nd and Wed 23rdDec. All squads will...
What should swimmers look for in a coach?
6 months 2 weeks ago
  There are many coaches in Australia and each has a style of teaching. I would suggest to a swimmer that before he/she joins a program, to take 20 minutes and watch the coach and his...

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